Youngevity Healthy Start Pak – Original




If you already eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is the kit for you!

Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine - 420g canister (1), EFA PLUS- 90 capsules (1), and Beyond Osteo Fx - 32 oz (1).

Nutrients to Help Your Health Blossom

The Healthy Start Pak provides an excellent nutritional base for people of all ages. But it's just the beginning. Every individual faces different challenges, such as health concerns and daily stresses, resulting in his or her own unique nutrient requirements.

Fortunately, Youngevity offers more than 400 nutrition and lifestyle solutions to meet each individual's specific needs. To illustrate the concept of how Youngevity's products work together in concert, think of a beautiful sunflower blossom:

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