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These real customers prove with their testimonies that the problem of lack of nutrition is legitimate. Youngevity has taken the 90 For Life nutrients needed to thrive and forged nutritional products to solve this problem. This approach has helped many people and we hope it can help you also, read over these Youngevity reviews and get started today!

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William Pedersen

Lower your price by 25% and these products will fly off the shelf. Seeing as the average individual weighs roughly 170-240 lbs that would require ONE person to pay $133 twice in order to fill the tank. That's $266 dollars per month for one person. I'm simply saying if you guys truly want to change the world, why would you make these products so expensive that only a higher class of people financially can afford it. With that said, also imagine if the elders wanted to get on board? are you seriously expecting 80+ year old elders to pay the ridiculous price? If you lower your price point this company would take over the world. Simple as that.


1.This order was $137.00 with a one month use…that’s $1,644 a year. I'm retired and as most seniors, on a budget. I don’t remember your product being this expensive.
2. Are any of your ingredients from China?
3. I asked if a '2 pk' was 2 bottles? But, received no reply.
4. I’m currently working on an Integrative Medicine Centre in Australia, similar to the one Dr. Weil has at UA. We will produce our own powder mineral formula at a price that families can afford. But, we are also pushing free educational classes on ‘growing your own food’ with glacial dust in the soil...obtain the minerals naturally.

David Nunlee

Shipping costs not favorable $21.59 to Much........

This product is awsome my pain in my knee are gone

Michael Hatch

Order#50962 I placed on Sept 11th and have not received it neither requested a refund of which I have not received sofar.thanks for asking.

Susie Newsum

I dont like the chat feature always popping up. I did send an email b4 I ordered with my phone number & email address but waited 24 hours & got no response. I needed help with ordering as the system kept freezung up b4 I could place my order.

For years I have struggled with intense joint pain, and on top of that I stay incredibly active. After about 3 weeks of taking tangy my joint pain stopped, and my martial arts and sports improved. I sleep better. Overall I feel amazing. I'm not sure exactly what vitamin I was missing but tangy covered all my bases, as well and packing me full of goodness I need every day.

Noel H Olsen

The "discount" of .80 is dumb. It is a false come on.

Lois Goodman
We need essential minerals

I began taking Tangerine after my hip replacement. I had a great recovery and people tell me how fit I'm looking. My son likes it too.

Health Helper.

Excellent product I have been taking it daily now for several years and am going to continue to do so. Other products are also excellent.

Healthy Senior

I order the same two items, so I keep the link that takes me to these two items. Makes it easy to order.

Robert Prado

I am getting younger every day. Almost 80.

I feel better every day. Youngevity is the best. Give it a try, you will happy you did.

My name is Robert Prado.


I've ordered in the past and had great consistent energy and clarity when I was using the tangy tangerine.

Shawn White

Your website with not let me order, unless I went with auto-ship and all I wanted to do was make a one-time purchase


I have found that my recent experience when ordering health products through to be quick, easy and articulate.
Thank you so much for your courteous staff and have a great summer!
From Grace, Vancouver, B.C.

Howard Dudley

My order from youngevity was very easy to place, and was recieved ahead of the time I was expecting it. Thank you, youngevity.

I've had no issues. The web sight is easy to navigate. And I love the Tangy tangerine 2.0.


He was helpful, but not enthusiastic as I expected he would about a new customer and selling the products. He didn't make any suggestions or try to sell any additional products. He didn't tell how awesome the products are. He answered my question and that was it.


Really amazing products! Wish the process was better. Osteo fx is actually helping repair my knee. No pain whatsoever in only one month!

Shipping Cost / Points Expiration

I have purchased quite a bit of product from Youngevity. I like your products. I know you can have free shipping if you do automatic renewal, but I couldn’t possibly use that much product. Try giving free shipping on purchases over 100 dollars or even 150 dollars. You don’t want to lose a preferred customer over shipping costs, do you? Points should be non expiring. What you earn should be what you keep until you want/ need to use them. Just something for Youngevity to think about. I am getting discouraged.

Tony Namaste' Tucker
difference between 2.0 and2.5

What is difference between Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and tangy tangerine 2.5 besides taste?




Super product

José Rafael Ramos

Soy de República Dominicana.
Distribuidor. Hago mi pedido satisfactoriamente directo a la fábrica y me dado buenos resultados.
Los envíos llegan rápido a mi País.Puedo distribuir estos productos frescos y los clientes se siente satisfecho y con confianza en saber que hay garantía.
Muchas personas interesadas en aprender acerca de nuestro fundador el Dr.Joel Wallach, médico naturópata con muchos años en la investigación sobre la salud y la importancia de los nutrientes en el cuerpo humano.
Joel Wallach diseñó el famoso 90XVida, única solución completa en el mercado con la 16 vitaminas, los 60 minerales, los 12 aminoácidos y 3 6 9 aceites esenciales para una óptima salud.
Cuento con este paquete de nutrientes en existencia para mis clientes para que no le falte en el momento de que me lo soliciten.
Estamos en República Dominicana.
Estamos a sus órdenes si desea de inmediato el 90XVida de Youngevity.
Sólo tiene que contactarme.
W.1(809) 3775489.

Awesome Shop

easy, shopping experience

Happy with product so far! It has been a week and my lashes already look longer and fuller.

Maria – North Dakota, USA

I’ve been using your products for over a year and all around , product and service has been good.

Brad Davis – Florida, USA

So far, my experience has been exceptional, I will be ordering again!

Roger – Florida, USA

I had been using Amazon but a problem developed wherein I was sent the wrong product twice in a row! So I went to the site and voila! Problem solved.

Philip Lorio – New Jersey, USA

I’ve got bad knees. I took the gluco gel and osteo fx. As a result, I’m able to sleep again because my persistent aching has calmed down a lot! Thanks youngofficial and youngevity!
October 12, 2017 by Claude (Utah, USA)

My friend Susan told me about Youngevity products because her cousin started selling the products and she had tried the Tangy Tangerine herself. At first I was a skeptic because I’ve tried energy drinks and store bought vitamins already but I nearly always feel fatigued. I love this company now because they solved my energy issues with Tangy and Pollen Burst. If you’re tired like I was try that combo… it works!
February 27, 2018 by MaryAnne (Florida, USA)

My doctor recommended these products to me so right away I knew that they weren’t the average company. I have been off work due to health issues and after having only been on these products a few weeks I am already experiencing results.
June 22, 2015 by Peggy (SK, Canada)

Since I have been taking these products I have not had a cold, flu, etc., even though everyone around me was sick. I feel as if they helped keep me healthy enough to fight anything coming my way
June 22, 2015 by Debbie J (United States)

Customer service, product quality, and overall satisfaction are all reasons why Youngevity users have a good experience. These reviews show how people feel about the company and it’s efforts to help people find their right nutritional balance.

Dr. Joel Wallach helped to start the company in the late 1990’s. Youngevity provides people with great health but also a fantastic business opportunity. With a legitimate multi-level marketing approach to distribution of products, the company has helped many achieve financial success.

Independent distributors are compensated for sharing these great products. Anyone can get started with the opportunity if they wish to pursue it as their own business venture. There is a real value proposition in sharing these products as they are superior to the competition’s offerings. This in turn makes it a good opportunity as many of the products ‘sell themselves’.

Many come to Youngevity to seek better health. It’s about more than that for many, though. People also launch exciting businesses with this opportunity. Everything comes full-circle when you can see that winning combination of better health and a better financial lifestyle.

Explore the company and products, and you will find that there are not only vitamins and minerals to consider. Weight loss, bone health, digestive support, and immune system support are also areas of great interest to the scientists that develop the products.

Hopefully now you have some insight into the health benefits the company provides. Health and wellness are the main focus of Youngevity to be sure, but you may also be interested to know that they offer jewelry and scrapbook services as well.

If you are interested in further exploring the opportunity you can also check the compensation plan as a way to understand how it works.

After joining, you can then share the nutritional supplements and be compensated for your time and efforts when others decide to order.

Thank you for reading these customer reviews and this other information about Youngevity. You can learn more about the main company on our homepage as well.

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