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Cory Brigggs
Calcium magnesium

Not bad. No complaints. One thing to note: I use to have restless legs, but increase of nutrients has helped calm them.

Linda Griffin
Great Supplement

This is best delivery system for getting my required 1,000 mg of calcium combined with magnesium which is important for absorption as well as preventing constipation. AND its delicious!

Calcium and magnesium are among the most essential nutrients that are required by the human body.

They perform a range of functions including the movement of muscles, generation of stimuli and responses of the nervous system and the improving the functioning of the heart. But their most important function is in the formation and maintenance of bones.

The skeletal system acts as a reservoir of calcium and magnesium. With increasing age, the bones deplete in their natural calcium content. As a result, brittle bones become very common among the aged population, especially women.

To counter this, calcium enriched food is required. But our daily diet is incapable of supplying the surplus calcium that is required by the body. Biometics Nutraceutical Company has put in years of research and the highest scientific expertise to come up with a solution to this age old problem. Biometics CalMag 100 is a supplement that restores the essential calcium and magnesium to the body.

With supreme scientific capabilities and extraordinary formulations, Biometics CalMag 100 can significantly reduce the chances of bone deterioration. Biometics CalMag 100 alone can fulfill all the calcium requirements of the body in a day. In this supplement, these two elements are present in quantities complementing each other and making a fine supplement that enriches the skeletal system. Magnesium is also present in optimum amounts to complement the function of calcium in bone maintenance and enhancing muscle relaxation.

Biometics CalMag 100 balances the different components of bones in the skeleton and replenishes calcium and magnesium reserves in the body. Bones constantly require renewal and therefore a constant supply of calcium to remain strong and healthy. Biometics CalMag 100 does this function quite efficiently. Prolonged use can significantly reduce the chances of osteoporosis in senescent age.

Biometics CalMag 100 is more than just a tonic for the bones. It contains a variety of nutrients that blend in perfectly to provide the maximum possible benefit for the body. Other essential nutrients in Biometics CalMag 100 include Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc that makes it an enhancing health drink having multiple benefits for the body.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are present in adequate amounts. Biometics CalMag 100 is a water based supplement and that increases the effectiveness of the product. The calcium carbonate present in Biometics CalMag 100, when dissolved to water converts to calcium citrate.

This makes it easier to be absorbed. Biometics CalMag 100 is a great way to keep your bones healthy. It is suitable for women, children or for anyone wishing to keep their bones healthy with little effort.