Youngevity now has K-Cups!


K-Cups are one of the most popular way to consume coffee for many reasons.  Youngevity is now offering it’s Josie’s Java House line of coffee in K-Cups. Check them out here!

Common coffee drinkers make a pot of coffee every morning before work. They consume a cup, perhaps 2 prior to going to the office. A few of these people might offer one cup out the door to consume on the way to work. Thinking about that the common coffee maker is an 8-12 cup pot, there is typically at least half a pot of coffee gotten rid of.

One of the leading benefits of the Keurig coffee maker is its capability to make one cup of coffee at a time with very little time in between brews. If the consumer decides to make only half a pot of coffee there is the issue with guaranteeing that the accurate quantity of coffee is put in the coffee filter basket.

If insufficient coffee is made use of the end result is little bit more than dark water. If too much coffee is made use of the result is tar-like and undrinkable.

The Keurig benefit is exactly measured coffee cup after cup with no mess and measuring. Each K-Cup, the container with the coffee in it, contains the specific amount of coffee for one cup. If a stronger cup of coffee is desired, the user can select a smaller sized cup on the machine which then dispenses less water for a more powerful cup of coffee.

Numerous Keurig designs have various options for sizes. Keurig devices are available in various designs, each with different features. Among the main variations in the devices is the various sizes of brews available. This provides the user more flexibility in coffee strength by altering the amount of water provided to the cup. Some machines have only a little and medium size while others have little, medium and big sizes. The big size allows a travel mug to be put under the maker and taken straight from the Keurig out the door and to the office. Among the very best advantages of the Keurig makers is the capability to have fresh coffee on demand at any time. Commonly it is tough to tell how long a pot of coffee has been sitting on the warmer, especially in a workplace where coffee is normally constantly all set for clients.

The Keurig makes it simple to provide a fresh cup of coffee at anytime without guesswork. Along those very same lines, the Keurig is able to offer a big range of hot drinks using one device. Unlike coffee makers which need separate pots for decaf, routine, flavored coffee and hot teas, the Keurig is able to make each of these with just one device.

Keurig offers hot teas, flavored coffees, decaf coffees and other hot beverages making it possible to provide a big variety of hot beverages to everybody.

The benefits of the Keurig coffee maker are numerous and it is hard to find downsides to the device. Clean up is a breeze, merely throw the K-cup into the garbage and rinse out the basket occasionally to keep the coffee residue from building up inside. Keurig coffee machine are as in your home in the individual kitchen as they are in an office setting.

Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYI) (, an international direct online marketer of nutritional and lifestyle products as well as a vertically-integrated manufacturer of exquisite coffees for the commercial, retail and direct sales channels, revealed today that its completely owned subsidiary, CLR Roasters, LLC has actually set up state of the art K-Cup production equipment in the Company’s existing 50,000 square foot production and distribution home located in Miami, FL. CLR now proudly produces single-serve units compatible with practically all K-Cup developing systems.

Starting in May 2015, CLR Roasters broadened the product packaging of its business had brand name Josie’s Java House. The brand is now offered utilizing single-serve capsules which will certainly be readily available through multiple distribution channels. Josie’s Java House is now being marketed by Youngevity’s suppliers and acquired by Youngevity’s clients.

The first 11 pallets have currently made its way to Youngevity’s California based distribution facility and are presently being shipped to clients. Josie’s Java House is also being distributed to healthcare facilities and the flourishing workplace coffee service market.

“We are really excited to go into the quickly growing billion dollar single-serve coffee market,” stated Ernesto Aguila, President of CLR Roasters.

“We believe that our brand-new K-Cup production can significantly enhance our margins and produce a minimum of $15 million of profits every year. CLR Roasters manages the entire process from field to cup to ensure the highest-quality coffee and a genuine tasting coffee in a single-serve cup.”.

“Our advanced K-Cup production devices has enhanced our vertical integration method and permits us the capability to disperse our high-quality coffee to the prospering single-serve coffee market. Considering that 2007 the global coffee capsule market has actually grown at more than five times the rate of the overall coffee industry.

We are optimistic that CLR Roasters is well placed to capture a significant piece of this growing 11 billion dollar product classification,” stated Dave Briskie, Youngevity International’s CFO and President of Commercial Operations.

“We highly believe that the financial investment in our single-serve equipment and our “field to cup” abilities offers us with a strategic competitive benefit not just in growing our own brand name presence and ending up being the leader in the direct selling channel, but as a private label provider to our current client base as well.

We prepare for fast growth of single serve capsule sales at CLR Roasters and have actually planned capex dollars to ramp up production for each of the next 3 years.”.