Youngevity Login

If you are on this page then it is likely you are looking for the Youngevity Login.  You are in the right place!

This can be confusing because there are several Youngevity Logins.  We have listed the login links and basic descriptions of each area below.

“The Back Office” aka “Business Center” This is where preferred customers and Distributors can login to place orders, modify/create auto-ships, check organization, and much more.  Click Here to login to the Back Office

Replicated Site aka “” – This is the site provided by Youngevity that you can share with others. Other features include genealogy, commission reports, dashboard and more.  There are many overlapping features with the “back office”.

The main difference is that my90forlife provides a public place to send prospects provided by the company. click here to access your my90forlife site

The “New” replicated site.  Recently Youngevity upgraded its replicated site with a more modern design.  Click here to login to the new replicated site (click login link in upper right)

Team Site.  This is an upgraded site created for high conversion marketing.  Inside this site is online marketing training and tools to take your Youngevity business to a higher level. Click Here to Access the team site