Vegetable Oil Cooking Causes Cancer

Scientists caution against the risks of frying food in sunflower oil and corn oil over claims they release poisonous chemicals connected to cancer

Cooking with veggie oils releases harmful chemicals connected to cancer and other illness, according to leading researchers, who are now advising food be fried in olive oil, coconut oil, butter or even lard.


Dr. Wallach has been preaching the dangers of vegetable oil cooking for over 15 years.  This is another one of many recommendations than are not just over-turned but proven to be completely false and extremely harmful.

“Oops, My Bad!  I am sorry to have mislead you for years on this topic”
– the so-called health and medical experts in America

The outcomes of a series of experiments threaten to turn on its head official advice that oils rich in polyunsaturated fats– such as corn oil and sunflower oil– are much better for the health than the saturated fats in animal products.

Scientists found that heating up veggie oils caused the release of high concentrations of chemicals called aldehydes, which have actually been linked to diseases consisting of cancer, heart disease and dementia.

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Martin Grootveld, a teacher of bioanalytical chemistry and chemical pathology, stated that his research showed “a common meal of fish and chips”, fried in vegetable oil, consisted of as much as 100 to 200 times more hazardous aldehydes than the safe day-to-day limitation set by the World Health Organisation.

“The human brain is altering in a manner that is as severe as climate change threatens to be”.

Teacher John Stein, Oxford University’s emeritus professor of neuroscience.

On the other hand, warming up butter, olive oil and lard in tests produced much lower levels of aldehydes. Coconut oil produced the most affordable levels of the damaging chemicals.

Concerns over poisonous chemicals in heated oils are backed up by different research study from a University of Oxford teacher, who asserts that the fatty acids in vegetable oils are contributing to other health problems.

Professor John Stein, Oxford’s emeritus teacher of neuroscience, stated that partially as a result of corn and sunflower oils, “the human brain is changing in a way that is as major as climate change threatens to be”.

Due to the fact that veggie oils are rich in omega 6 acids, they are contributing to a reduction in critical omega 3 fatty acids in the brain by replacing them, he believes.

“If you eat excessive corn oil or sunflower oil, the brain is absorbing excessive omega 6, which effectively forces out omega 3,” said Prof Stein. “I believe the lack of omega 3 is a powerful contributing element to such problems as enhancing mental health problems and other issues such as dyslexia.”.

He said sunflower oil and corn oil were now banished from his own kitchen, replaced by olive oil and butter.

NHS recommendations is to change “foods high in hydrogenated fat with lower-fat versions” and warns versus frying food in butter or lard, recommending instead corn oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil. Hydrogenated fats raise cholesterol levels, increasing the danger of cardiovascular disease.

However Prof Grootveld, of De Montfort University in Leicester, who performed a series of experiments, said: “For years, the authorities have been warning us how bad butter and lard was. But we have discovered butter is really, great for frying purposes therefore is lard.

“Individuals have actually been informing us how healthy polyunsaturates are in corn oil and sunflower oil. However when you begin tampering them, subjecting them to high quantities of energy in the frying pan or the oven, they undergo a complicated series of chemical reactions which results in the build-up of large quantities of harmful substances.”.

The findings are included in research documents. Prof Grootveld’s group measured levels of “aldehydic lipid oxidation items” (LOPs), produced when oils were heated to differing temperature levels. The tests recommended coconut oil produces the most affordable levels of aldehydes, and 3 times more aldehydes were produced when heating corn oil and sunflower oil than butter.

The group concluded in one paper last year: “The most evident solution to the generation of LOPs in culinary oils throughout frying is to avoid consuming foods fried in PUFA [polyunsaturated fat] -rich oils as much as possible.”.

Prof Grootveld said: “This major issue has gotten scant or minimal attention from the food market and health researchers.” Proof of high levels of toxicity from heating oils has actually been readily available for years, he said.

Health issues connected to the toxic spin-offs consist of cardiovascular disease; cancer; “malformations” during pregnancy; swelling; danger of ulcers and an increase in high blood pressure.

He stated the oils when “completely pure [and] genuine … offer no threats to human health” but that “LOPs developing from the regular and typical use of polyunsaturated fats” for frying “certainly do so”.