The 4 Foods to Completely Avoid

We know at a minimum we need to supplement our modern diets with the 90 Essentials (Healthy Start Pak )

However this doe not give us license to eat a bunch of junk!

What has been referred to as the “modern” diet is truly health-defying. It’s making people sick every day and leading to major diseases such as heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, liver illnesses, skin eruptions, headaches and more. Certainly there are a lot of nonfoods that people should avoid, but these are the top four:

1. Non-organic Foods. If you are not eating organic or biodynamic food, then you are not only receiving a sickening dose of pesticides, but you are also ingesting chemicals that mix with other chemicals and create chemical reactions that are cumulative (they interact and build up within your body).

2. Artificial Ingredients. No matter how you look at it, your body DOES NOT regard any artificial ingredient as helpful or “friendly,” so it works to eliminate it as soon as you eat it. If it can not eliminate artificial ingredients, your body stores them and these, in turn, create disease like cancer. There are tens of thousands of artificial ingredients, and here are a few common ones: MSG, dyes, synthetic vitamins, flavorings, aspartame, etc.

3. Bad Fats. Fats are not bad, but “bad” fats are very bad, causing heart disease, clogged arteries, skin problems, hormone imbalances and a lot more. Instead of remembering all the bad fats, like canola oil, it would be more helpful to just know about the good ones: organic olive oil, organic coconut butter, organic butter, fish oils and flax seed oil.

4. Sugar. Sugar is poison when it’s in its isolated form found in table sugar, cake, cookies, ice cream, pie, candy, breath mints, sports nutrition bars and drinks. Few people realize as well that all fruit juice is merely sugar water. Sugar is perhaps the biggest contributor to disease and can be linked to cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, metabolic disease, cavities, cancer, skin eruptions, immune system suppression, diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalances, hair loss, etc

. If you can avoid the above “foods,” then you will substantially eliminate your chances of suffering from a major illness. Instead of taking chemicals, make sure you are getting all 90 Essential Vitamins and Nutrients by taking a Healthy Start Pak at a minimum!