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Irene Vazquez

Since taking these vitamins my skin and hair and nails have felt more healthier.
Ive had skin issues especially my hands ive always struggled with cracked skin and really dry hands all of my life. When I was told about these vitamins I took them right away and I saw results in just days!! I couldn’t believe it!
After having a baby I was having post hair lost and I started taking this vitamins and my hair has gotten so much fuller and feels healthier since! My nails feel thicker and stronger as well!
I would recommend these vitamins 10 out of 10!

60 capsules –

Hair, Skin & Nails Formula™ nourishes and strengthens your hair, skin and nails, beautifying from the inside out! This product is formulated to provide the nutrients your body needs to build and rejuvenate itself. Supplement Facts

Do you want strong, natural nails? Do you long for the shine & bounce of healthy hair? Do you aspire to have smooth, glowing skin? Skin, Hair & Nails Formula nourishes and strengthens your hair, skin, and nails, beautifying from the inside out. Your hair, skin, and nails are made up of many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other compounds that the body manufactures. It takes good nutrition to keep you looking your best, and that’s what this unique formula is all about. It combines a generous selection of essential vitamins with key minerals that play important roles in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. This product is formulated specifically to support healthy looking hair, skin, and nails by providing the nutrients your body needs to build and rejuvenate itself.

DIRECTIONS: Take two capsules daily.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your healthcare provider before using this product.


Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane, Proprietary Silica Complex, Silica (from silicon dioxide), Silica (from  bamboo extract),   Silica (from magnesium  trisilicate), Silica (from horsetail herb extract), Choline, Inositol, L-Methionine, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, Gelatin capsule, Gelatin.