Ultimate Daily Classic

  • Who it’s for: anyone seeking a natural solution for supporting overall health.

    What it does: provides a broad foundation for good health through vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant-rich botanicals.

  • all-in-one solution for supporting daily health


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90 tablets

Ultimate Daily Classic™ contains the vitamins and minerals you need for solid, foundation nutrition, plus key nutrients to support cardiovascular, immune and nervous system health.*

Ultimate Daily Classic provides you essential vitamins and minerals needed daily for a solid foundation. This formula also includes antioxidant-rich botanicals such as Ginkgo Leaf, Bilberry Fruit that have been known to support healthy brain function, cardiovascular health, combat infections. Additionally, Ultimate Daily Classic™ contains Chondroitin Sulfate to support healthy bones and joints.*

Ultimate Daily Classic tablets come in an advanced protective glass container for maximum standardized quality, freshness and safety.

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