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Amy Reid
Benefits of Natures Pearl Muscadine Grape Seed Supplements

My husband is particularly a true example of how these supplements have helped him. Been taking it for over five years. On several occasions, he stopped daily usage, just to see if it truly helped. Within a week, he would start suffering with arthritis pain in his hands and fingers. Once back on supplement, the pain stops.

Grape Seed Supplements help my arthritis

I've been using this product for over ten years. Prior to using it, I could barely stand and walk after sitting for prolonged periods of time, like meetings or car travel. Over the years, I've noticed that this problem worsens when I don't take the supplement on a regular basis.

Martha Yutzy

I deal with allergies / asthma I do believe they help my oxygen for breathing. They are high 5 stars.

Enjoy the antioxidant benefits of The SMARTER Grape® and boost your health with Nature’s Pearl® Premium Muscadine Grape Seed.

Muscadine grapes are grown under stressful environments which propel them to produce more disease-fighting phenolic compounds providing you with antioxidants to help combat free radicals.   Nature’s Pearl® Muscadine Grape Seed is made with over 100 naturally occurring phenolic compounds such as Ellagic-Acid, Reseveratrol, Quercetin, Anthocyandins, OPC’s that support cardiovascular and joint health, restore energy levels and help combat free radical damage.  Gluten-Free & Sugar- Free.


Ground Muscadine Grape Seed, Hypromellose.