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Posted: July 19, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Have you wanted to create a photo gallery wall in your home but weren’t sure how to get started??

My long-time friend, Karen, had a large wall in her home that she wanted to update. There are all sorts of things that she could do; hang a piece of art, rearrange the furniture, or select some photos to print and frame.

A blank wall is one of the biggest challenges in decorating. We all know that feeling and coming up with a plan can be pretty overwhelming, right?

Recently, Karen and I were chatting about this space in her home. She shared that her family had some great memories of their time in Guam. That’s it!

Their trip to Guam would become the theme of her new Photo Gallery!

With some planning and a few simple steps, Karen was able to create a welcoming space that brought back lots of wonderful memories for her and her family.

Step 1 – Measure the TOTAL space where the Photo Gallery will be.

Step 2 – Check out the size options available in the Snap2Finish site, in the Wrapped Canvas category.

Step 3 – Select how many photos you want to use and which size canvas for each.

Step 4 – Using paper, measure & cut paper templates the size of the canvases you want to make. Space them out and tape them to your wall.

Once you’ve received the canvases you created and ordered,  you can easily hammer a nail through the paper template to create a small hole where you will hang your canvas. The small 5 x 5 canvas can actually be hung with a thumb tack, putting an even smaller hole in your wall.

Look at this beautiful & welcoming space Karen created in her home!!

You can too!! Snap2Finish can help you bring those photos off your digital cameras, smart phones and computers and back into your life. Every day you’ll get to enjoy these memories! I want to give a BIG THANKS to my dear friend Karen for choosing us to print her memories!

Tip: Check out Karen’s idea to add a text box to the SIDE of each canvas identifying the beach, waterfall, etc. from their time in Guam.

Have fun celebrating the Snap!

-Helen Watt, Brand Champion for Snap2Finish

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