Youngevity Preferred Customer Advantages

By ordering from you are now enrolled with Youngevity as a Preferred Customer.

This gives you several advantages.

You will be getting an email from Youngevity with your login details to login directly to the company website.

Save these details and be sure to order directly from Youngevity in the future.

Access Entire Catalog – There are many places to order Youngevity products online but none of them have the entire Youngevity catalog available.

*International Distribution centers may have limited product availability. (can still ship from US)

Shipping Options – You can now choose from a variety of shipping methods when you order.

Free Shipping – Access to Free Shipping on Auto-Ship orders over $50

International – While Youngevity can ship to over 60 countries, you may now be in a country with a distribution center. This means faster ship times and lower shipping costs.

***Ability to Earn (only for wholesale members) – Wholesale members can Earn money when you share Youngevity with others. Our team site shows you easy ways to do this. Sign up for wholesale here

How to Order Products from Yourself Directly with Youngevity

1. Call Youngevity corporate to order – (800) 982-3189 *have your Preferred Customer/Distributor ID ready OR

2. Order online from your back office

Product Details

The Healthy Start Pak contains all 90 essentials.

For this reason, your entire family should be taking the Healthy Start Pak at a minimum!

After you have this foundation, you can add any products to your daily intake based on need.

Youngevity has many amazing products and brands under its umbrella.  There are some amazing, little known products.  It pays to explore and research.

Product Resources Included Full Catalogs and More

Add/Edit Auto-ship for Free Shipping over $50

1. Log into your back office

2. Click auto-ship button

3. add the products you want

4. choose monthly date

5. enter credit card and shipping info

Join the “team” and get started earning

If you would like to join our team and have not yet signed up with Youngevity as a distributor, you can do so here.​