It’s ‘That’ Time of Year Again – Flu Season

Flu season is an annually recurring time period characterized by the prevalence of outbreaks of influenza (otherwise known as ‘the flu’). The season occurs during the cold half of the year in each hemisphere. Influenza activity can sometimes be predicted and even tracked geographically.

Here are some of the best ways to defend against a weak immune system by using quality supplements.  Moderate exercise and eating well also go a long way to preventing illness in the fall to winter months.

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For optimal immune support year-round, drink at least one cup a day as part of a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Along with using quality products such as these, you may also want to increase your intake of citrus fruits if possible.  The high concentration of Vitamin C they contain is helpful in keeping sickness away.

Here are some other tips we found which may help you during the flu season:

Wash your hands frequently, especially if you shake many hands with others suggested Mark Mengel, MD, chair of community and family medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Running great deals of water over your hands will certainly dilute any kind of bacteria and also send them down the tubes.

Touching your nose as well as your eyes may hurt you, Mengel says. Those are one of the most typical areas for bacteria to get in.

Go to sleep.

As if obtaining adequate rest on a typical basis isn’t hard enough, you will need a lot more rest when you face the difficult seasons of contagious sickness. When youre weary, your body isn’t really battling as hard, so Mengel recommends obtaining 8 to 10 hrs an evening.

Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables sustains your immune system.

Also, get those sweats on and workout, claims Ann G. Kulze, MD, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Dr. Ann and Just Health. Exercising on a regular basis boosts immune defense.

If you smoke, consider quitting for your health.

Our purses get germs like we do, in accordance with Joseph Brasco, MD, writer of The Great Physicians Rx for Colds as well as Flu, so you might be re-infecting yourself each time you get your purse or handle your wallet or cash. His tip: Do away with your fabric handbag throughout the cold season and bring one made of easier-to-wipe-down vinyl or leather (especially if you have kids and are active).

Biting your nails may be harming you, Dr. Brasco says. Germs get under your nails and nibbling is a quick means to put them into your body.

Do things to stay happy.

A new research study has actually found that happiness might help your immune system. Carl Charnetski, MD, teacher of psychology at Wilkes College, found that sex, hopefulness, playing with an animal, and other pleasurable actions will enhance your immune system.

Drink a good amount of fluids.  Water and juice are the best.  Staying hydrated goes a long way to avoiding typical sickness issues when it is cold outside.

We hope some of these tips are useful and that you have an easy time this year during flu-season, thanks for reading and have an awesome day out there 🙂