High Sugar Dangers Confirmed by Research

A ground-breaking research study from the University of Surrey discovered that a subject group of otherwise healthy guys had increased levels of fat in their blood and fat stored in their livers after they had taken on a high sugar diet plan.

The study, which has actually been published in Clinical Science, took a look at 2 groups of males with either high or low levels of liver fat, and fed them a high or low sugar diet to discover if the quantity of liver fat affects the effect of sugar on their cardiovascular health.

The low sugar diet plan consisted of no more than 140 calories a day worth of sugar– an amount near to the recommended consumption– while the high sugar diet plan contained 650 calories worth.

After 12 weeks on the high sugar diet, the men with a high level of liver fat– a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver illness (NAFLD)– revealed modifications in their fat metabolic process that are associated with an increased threat of cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrest and strokes.

Fat metabolism is the biochemical procedure by which fats are transferred and broken down in the blood, and used by the cells of the body.

The results also revealed that when the group of healthy males with a low level of liver fat taken in a high amount of sugar, their liver fat increased and their fat metabolic process ended up being similar to that of the males with NAFLD.

Professor of Nutritional Metabolism, Bruce Griffin, stated: “Our findings supply new evidence that consuming high amounts of sugar can modify your fat metabolism in ways that might increase your threat of cardiovascular disease.

” While many adults do not take in the high levels of sugar we utilized in this study, some kids and teens might reach these levels of sugar intake by over-consuming carbonated beverages and sweets. This raises concern for the future health of the younger population, particularly in view of the alarmingly high occurrence of NAFLD in kids and teenagers, and exponential rise of fatal liver disease in grownups.”

Many of our readers here are already aware of the issues with high sugar intake, but this study further confirms those ideals with scientific proof.

Cutting back or completely eliminating the consumption of sodas and sugar-based convenience snacks can go a long way to ensuring you have the right fat metabolism environment for your body.