Fulvic Acid | Nature’s Wonder Molecule

Scientists have known for several years that everyone requires at least 90 nutrients to keep optimal health. These nutrients consist of 17 vitamins, 59 minerals, 12 amino acids and 3 important fatty acids. Whilst nature has actually offered us with all these nutrients to allow us to live a long and healthy life, unfortunately the processing of foods and the exhaustion of nutrients in our soils are some of the greatest reasons for nutrient deficiencies within our bodies. Thankfully, scientists have actually found that Fulvic Acid, a component discovered in soil, makes nutrients more available from the food we consume and hence fixes shortages rapidly and securely.

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic Acid is the component discovered in humus, the highly nutritious layer of the earth. Partly disintegrated matter is the basis of humus and peat. It is this highly healthy layer that feeds plants and makes sure that they grow strong and healthy. Fulvic Acid is created in incredibly percentages by millions of beneficial microorganisms that deal with the rotting plant matter. It integrates with a variety of minerals to create a complex molecular substance. Fulvic Acid works to trigger the nutrients within soil so that they can be made use of by the cells of plants. It is typically called ‘nature’s wonder molecule’ and for great reason. Unfortunately, contemporary farming practices have damaged our soils, leaving them devoid of minerals and have therefore interrupted the expansion of this miracle particle in the soil, and for that reason in vegetation and animals– in effect within our food.

Like its action in soil, Fulvic Acid functions as a necessary automobile that brings vitamins and nutrients to the ideal location in our bodies. Fulvic Acid is so powerful that one single Fulvic Acid particle can carrying 65 or more minerals and trace elements directly into our cells. This is just one of its homes that supplies Fulvic Acid with the ability to have a remarkable influence on all types of illness and issues.

What are the benefits of Fulvic Acid?

For some years, Fulvic Acid has gone unnoticed as a prospective supplement. Recent research study though has actually revealed a variety of prospective benefits, which I am going to outline listed below.

Fulvic Acid is described a Super Cell Conductor– it has the vital capability of realising the potential of all nutrients we consume. When minerals and micronutrient from food entered into contact with Fulvic Acid, they are dissolved into a form that makes them more active and more offered to the body. These minerals fuse with Fulvic Acid and since of its little molecular size, it has the ability to take these nutrients directly to all the cells of our bodies. Furthermore, Fulvic Acid makes the cells more permeable and responsive to these nutrients. Basically, Fulvic Acid sets in motion food to become our medicine.

A mineral-rich tide streams constantly through all parts of the body in the kind of water, the universal solvent that nurtures as well as brings waste away. Our DNA within cells get directions through angstrom sized (1/1000 micron) bio-available minerals. These small minerals are pulled through the cell walls by hydrogen present in water. Most mineral supplements are larger than this size and although they can be transferred in the bloodstream, they can not be accessed by the cells. It is Fulvic Acid that brings these minerals into the cells and additionally makes the cells more permeable enabling these minerals to permeate into the cells where they are used for a multitude of procedures. Minerals are extremely essential. Dr Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes mentioned:

” You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every condition, eventually to a mineral deficiency”.

In addition to enhancing the absorption of vitamins and minerals in our body, Fulvic Acid functions as a catalyst. A catalyst is a compound that assists in a chain reaction. There are literally thousands of chain reactions that occur every minute in our bodies including enzyme production, the motion of nutrients in and out of our cells, food digestion, and so forth. In the vast bulk of cases, these reactions could simply not occur at normal body temperature level or would take a long period of time. Fulvic Acid acts like a driver in these reactions helping with all these procedures quickly and efficiently.

Fulvic Acid is a natural, effective anti-oxidant and helps to neutralise totally free radicals. Free radicals are harmful, extremely reactive compounds that trigger the destruction of soft tissues, encouraging cell mutations, changing genes, disrupting chemical and hormonal reactions within our bodies, damaging the optimum function of our glands and hence making us more prone to disease. This is one of the most commonly acceptable theories of ageing and disease.

When we ingest food, our digestive system, when working at optimal capacity, releases enzymes which work to break down food efficiently in order to release nutrients from food. Without these enzymes, food would not be broken down, stagnate in the stomach and gut, which would ultimately result in toxin build-up and eventual death. Fulvic Acid triggers these digestion enzymes, which are the vital force of our bodies.

We are all conscious of cleaning our bodies externally and yet couple of focus on internal cleansing. Fulvic Acid is highly effective at neutralising and cleansing hazardous contaminants and toxins consisting of heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Fulvic Acid bonds with these heavy metals, a procedure called ‘chelation’, and then converts them into non-active compounds, which can be eliminated through regular excretory processes.

Fulvic Acid is reported to increase oxygenation of all the soft tissues within our bodies. Oxygenating the cells is crucial due to the fact that it enhances energy production and counters many concerns. In 1931, the Nobel Reward Winner for physiology and medicine, Dr Otto Warburg established that oxygen deprivation was a significant reason for cell mutation. Taking Fulvic Acid will assist increase oxygenation of our cells and hopefully safeguard the hereditary product within our cells.

Iron deficiency, the second most prevalent deficiency worldwide, has been shown to be attended to quickly with the use of Fulvic Acid. Sadly, iron is also among the hardest minerals to metabolise putting a fantastic problem on the liver and yet many people take synthetic iron supplements without considering this. Fulvic Acid primes the iron within our food so that it is easily utilized by the body and for this reason remedies deficiencies quickly and safely. This very same action assists to appropriate various mineral shortages including magnesium which plays a key function in over 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies.

Fulvic Acid is thought about to be among the safest and most potent anti-viral substances offered today. A generally accepted benefit of Fulvic Acid is that it can be utilized indefinitely for long periods of time without creating resistance. The implication of utilizing Fulvic Acid for viral infections goes well beyond merely using it for colds and influenza.

When used externally, Fulvic Acid can be used to treat abrasions, open cuts, injuries, leg ulcers, insect bites and various other skin problems. Professional athlete’s foot can be avoided as Fulvic Acid displays powerful fungicidal residential or commercial properties and it can likewise be used to treat fungal toenails which are very challenging to remove utilizing traditional drugs.

There are many reports on the positive advantages of Fulvic acid on the cardiovascular system with lots of reporting control of raised blood pressure within a couple of weeks of using Fulvic Acid.

I could continue with various other reported benefits such as decreases in the inflammatory enzymes produced by the liver, improved resistance and restoring electrolyte balance in the body being just some of the other advantages of using Fulvic Acid. When the body’s cells are sufficiently nourished, and free from toxic substances and free radicals, they have the ability to regenerate effectively and are likewise able to cleanse and fix rapidly. Individuals taking Fulvic Acid have reported greater sensations of vigor, improved energy, a more powerful body immune system and a higher tolerance to stress. The effects of Fulvic Acid are absolutely nothing short of fascinating. Other benefits found within the research study include boosted hair density and nail strength.

Fulvic Acid will assist the body to heal, restore, and restore