Epigenetics with Dr. Joel Wallach

Well I want to talk about the contents of my new book out “Epigentics” that represents 40 years of personal research and clinical work and of course hundreds of years of research and clinical work and reports so forth from thousands of authors and very famous people epigenetic and the subtitle is most important piece…

“The death of genetic theory disease transmission”

What is this book talking about? It takes diseases like and type II diabetes, cancer, heart disease… things that are said to be genetically transmitted which are really NOT. These diseases are simple nutritional deficiencies in some cases like cancer and heart disease they can be made worse by eating inflammatory foods and things like fried foods, processed meats and nitrates nitrites a.k.a. deli slices, sandwich meat, sausage, ham, bacon, bologna, salami, pastrami. Also things the area of the oil olive oil, coconut oil… two sources of Omega threes are said to be just the most wonderful things on earth, and of course they kill people right length and center because if their two-edged sword. Not only do they omega three essential fatty acids, they are an oxidizer , easilly becoming trans-fatty acids and cause cancer, clogged arteries respiratory problems, brain, contributes to alzheimers disease contributes to multiple sclerosis….

  1. In biology, and specifically genetics, Epigenetics is mostly the study of heritable changes that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence; to a lesser extent, epigenetics also describes the study of stable, long-term alterations in the transcriptional potential of a cell that are not necessarily heritable.