Don’t Forget The Pets This Holiday!

Today we’re going to do a brief notice about the amazing benefits your pet’s may experience if they begin to consume the arthrydex and perpetual supplements from For Tails Only.

Perhaps this year the pets could get some extra love during the holidays by feeling great with less stress on their joints.  Older pets especially seem to benefit.

Here are some highlights of reviews we’ve found to highlight the benefits of arthrydex:

“I have a 15 year old dog, who as a “toddler” became paralyzed from jumping down from the couch. After vet chiro treatments, she regained her normal mobility. Now, at age 15, she was having a difficult time getting up from her bed and took a while to even walk to the door to go outside. Going up & down the porch stoop was slow and painful. I nearly cried for her. I got her Arthrydex and by three weeks, she was ‘dancing’ for her food again, walking, running and having no difficulty going up the porch steps. I only gave her 1/2 scoop instead of a full one, twice a day on her food, to save money. It was that or she couldn’t have any. She LOVES the supplement, licks her plate clean & keeps on licking in hopes to get more of the powder, ha! Well, I ran out a few weeks ago and noticed I really needed to order more, quickly. Arthrydex is GREAT!!” – Kiki

We have used this product for a few years and its always worked for us. We travel and house sit and are with lots of animals, they all love it over their food and we can see a difference in their health after just a few days. No pet has ever turned it down. We use it as an incentive sometimes to get them to eat their food, because sometimes they dont like to eat if the kibble products are low grade an have no real nutrition. I highly recommend it to help get the nutrition that is missing in food, its the best product on the market that we have used for greatly improving animal health, bones, and vitality.”  – Greg Drebert

My 15 year old cat wasn’t able to jump up on the bed or sofa until I started him on the Arthrydex. It only took a week or two and amazingly he could jump up onto my desk which is taller than the bed or sofa. He sleeps less and has also become very playful and scampers through the house. He’s been on this for about a year now and I just ordered more. Don’t want him to be without it for a day. So easy to use, I just sprinkle the recommended amount on his dry or canned food and he loves it.” – DSimpson

My 10 year old cat is a different cat who wants to go outside all the time now where as before she’d rather stay in all the time. She has healthier teeth and no bad breath anymore. Buy this now.” –  Todd M

Here’s an amazing read from Liz who used the combo pack to help her aging canine:

We noticed our 8 year old full blood Australian Shepard was suddenly unable to get up and dragging her right hip, sitting funny, and had lost her desire to get up and move or bark at cars. After a visit to the vet found no trace of arthritis, or other issue, we decided she must have been hit by a car or ATV, or similar (we live on a farm). Rather than just put her on the pain meds that the vet prescribed, we started her on a twice a day regimen of the Youngevity Healthy Pet Combo pack. To get her to eat it we mixed it in oatmeal (the long cooking kind, gluten free, since that is what we use), added a half teaspoon of coconut oil, and also broke up the tab and mixed it in. She would eat it somewhat grudgingly at first; had to be told to eat it until it was gone. Eventually she ate it without too much coaxing, but we still have to watch her or she’ll invite the cats to finish her dish 🙂 Within 2 weeks we were seeing marked improvement. She was getting up and moving more easily, although still not herself. Within 30 days she had started to run/limp across the lawn again. Now almost 60 days later I can tell you she is almost recovered, and attribute her recovery largely to this vitamin. We have forgotten to give this to her a couple of times for a period of two days. By the time the second day is over, she has an increased limp again and is somewhat subdued. Once we restart the vitamins, she begins to improve within 24 hrs.

Lesson: be consistent for good and continued results.

A bonus: since taking the vitamins, she seem more youthful and her coat is beautiful. I was very skeptical about using vitamins to help our dog, but it seems to have helped when the vet could not. The thing that convinced me to try the Youngevity brand for our dog, was the good results we’ve gotten when raising orphan farm kittens and using the Yongevity Ultimate Classic drinkable vitamin.
So here is a second bonus if you’ve read this far 🙂

We’ve successfully raised several batches of orphaned farm kittens by supplementing the homemade formula with Youngevity Ultimate Classic – just a few drops in a batch. I won’t do this without the vitamin. The kittens don’t get sick, stay VERY healthy (no pink eye, diarrhea, etc), have beautiful coats and muscle tone, and act ‘normal’ (if you’ve ever raised an orphan farm kitten, you know what I mean). Youngevity Ultimate Classic is worth the money and keeps for months in the fridge.” – MsLiz

So, think about the furry ones this winter and consider adding quality supplements to their diet.