A Carrot Drink to Help You Live Longer

If there was a secret elixir to living a long healthy life, would you drink it? Well I have good news if you answered yes. Fruits and vegetables have the vitamins and minerals your body needs to run at it’s optimal potential. Not only will the consumption of these foods make you look and feel better, but you can potentially ward of illnesses and other diseases that your body could be susceptible to. By making the right choices when it comes to what you put into your body, you can potentially increase your life span.

In this article we will provide a recipe for long life, which can be prepared very quickly and simply. Try it and then repeat for best results!

Ingredients required:

— 2 cm long ginger root

— 4 carrots

— 3 apples

— Juice of half a lemon

Approach of prep work:

Put all above ingredients in a blender and mix them up until you get a homogeneous mix. Drink the drink in the early morning, prior to breakfast, and be sure to do so as quickly as you can after you have prepared it.

Ginger root can help in reducing high cholesterol and fight bad stomach bacteria, which are considered to be accountable for causing disease. It positively influences the recuperation of flora, manages irregular stool and can alleviate intense headaches and migraines.

Carrot is terrific for the heart, teeth and gums. It safeguards the body and contributes to a healthy heart. It may also improve vision, promote cell health and make the skin smooth and soft.

Apple helps boost the immune system, is excellent for weight-loss and stimulates the kidney, liver and bile. Additionally it can help with mouth health, promotes food digestion, protects the heart and capillary, reduces stress, fatigue and sleeping disorders, protects against bacteria and viruses and can strengthen the body’s resistance against some cancers.

Lemon decreases hypertension, disposes of contaminants, can help decrease discomfort in arthritis, acts against infections and the flu and also acts against oral cavity and tongue diseases. It can strengthen the immune system and hinder the advancement of infections.

By putting the proper combination of fruits and vegetables together and consuming them regularly, you are creating a stronger and much healthier body. This happens by promoting resistance to certain illnesses, diseases, and other unpleasant health conditions. As a result, you will increase the probability of living a much longer and happier life.