9 Signs You May Have a Nutritional Deficiency

Do you have nutritional deficiencies? Are you wondering how you can tell? Here we will share symptoms of different nutritional deficiencies, to help you identify if they are present in your body. Then, you can understand how to replenish yourself in order to function at your best!


A cold feeling in the hands is a sign of a magnesium deficiency, which includes hypothyroidism and fatigue.


If you have white areas in your nails, it suggests the shortage of minerals and also indicates the shortage of zinc.

Zinc shortage also causes nail ridges.

If your nails are soft or breakable, it suggests the shortage of magnesium

If you have the deficiency of minerals, you will often bite your nails.


If you have stretch marks on your skin, you are experiencing the shortage of zinc.

Deficiency of vitamin A causes follicular hyperkeratosis.

If you are having deficiency of vitamins C or K, or platelet shortage, spontaneous bleeds will show up on your skin.

If you take beta carotene in extreme quantity, you will have yellow palms.

Chicken skin is the result of a shortage in essential fatty acids.


If you have the shortage of iron, you will have a pale fissured tongue.

A deficiency of vitamin B3, will cause your tongue to ache and be fissured.

A shortage of vitamin B2, will cause peeling and broken lips, as well as aching and burning on the lips and tongue.

If you have the shortage of folic acid, you will have a painful aching tongue with a smooth appearance.

Skin of face

If you have shortage of vitamin B2, skin on your face and on the sides of your nose will be oily, red and scaly.

A shortage of vitamin B6 will cause seborrheic dermatitis around your nose and acne on your forehead.


If you have a deficiency of chromium, or excess free radicals, you will have cataracts in your eyes.

If you have certain types of allergies or food intolerances, you will have bags or dark rings under eyes.

When you have the shortage of vitamin B12, it results in premature grey hair and blue eyes.


If you are having a shortage of iodine, you may experience hypothyroidism and swelling in your thyroid.


Due to thedeficiency of magnesium and Co Q 10, you can have heart problems like irregular heart beats, hypertension and cardiomegaly. This can also  arise if you are sensitive to caffeine.


If you have deficiency of magnesium, you will have tender calf muscles.

Due to magnesium shortage, you will have brisk knee reflexes.

If you have a sensitivity to salicylate, nasal polyps will show up.

While these signs can be concerning, you do not have to fret. With proper supplementation, you can repair yourself and ease your symptoms. Youngevity’s 90 for life contains 90 of the essential nutrients your body needs to function, and it is designed for maximum absorption. With supplementation, you will be back to your optimum levels in no time!