5 Bad Mood Foods to Avoid for Your Mental Health

Depression from eating ‘bad mood foods’ is a reality, yet many folks are still unaware of the issue.

Today we will discuss 5 of the most common ‘bad mood foods’ and mention some alternatives that won’t drag you down.

Eating the wrong things can lead to a foul mood, or even a prolonged state of depression as the body is lacking some of what it needs.  This can be tricky because you may not feel hungry or as if you lack anything; however, worsening mood can indicate lack of nutrition in some area.

1. Sugarcoated and artificial sweeteners

While it may taste excellent,  addictive sugar sends our body and minds into a tailspin. After the preliminary high and inescapable crash, it increases sensations of stress and anxiety, irritation and anxiety. It can likewise impede the body’s capability to fight stress, making it challenging to relax and restore.

Naturally occurring sugars, like those found in fruits, are usually fine for the body. Processed sugars found in foods — even some you would not anticipate, like yogurt, granola, condiments and bread — are exactly what you have to keep an eye out for.

Artificial sweeteners are just as bad, too. From chewing gum to no-calorie waters and even tooth paste, these artificial sweeteners are found all over the place in a many products. Side effects include headaches, mood disorders, dizziness and migraines– all things which negatively impact your body and mood!

Alternative solution – There are a ton of natural sweeteners available, from raw honey and stevia to coconut sugar and blackstrap molasses. Explore the alternative that works finest for each individual recipe or your needs.

2. Margarine and other “butter-like” compounds

When it comes to picking foods that make you happy and are good for your health, it’s finest to avoid butter substitutes made from oils. They normally are produced with fats that increase swelling and have high levels of omega-6 fats.

These take on and block out omega-3 fats, natural state of mind enhancers, which messes with your state of mind and your insulin levels. Also, just because they state they have actually been made with olive oil does not make them much better for you!

Alternative solution – Adhering to the basics and selecting good old grass-fed butter is your best bet here.

3. Coffee

The majority of us start our mornings with a cup of coffee and with good reason. The beverage is full of anti-oxidants and can even avoid cognitive decrease. However if you’re downing several throughout the day or discover your mood isn’t as pleasant as it should be, you might be entering into the caffeine overdose zone and doing more damage than good.

The caffeine discovered in coffee modifies our mood by impacting hormonal agents, neurotransmitter function and nerve signaling, all things that can leave you feeling less than outstanding. It can likewise increase anxiety-like feelings by increasing your heart rate and making you feel tense. And if you’re a regular coffee addict, simply a day without it can trigger withdrawal signs like headaches, drowsiness and a lack of energy.

Alternative solution –  Try sipping on green tea instead of coffee. Not only is green tea anti-aging, but it has less caffeine than coffee.

4. Cocktail mixers

Generally speaking, being your very own bartender in the house is much better for you and easier on the wallet, as you can control the amount of alcohol and precisely what enters into each serving. But if you’re utilizing pre-made mixed drink mixers to whip up those mixed drinks, you’re getting more than you planned on.

Those “simply add alcohol!” mixers are packed with sugar– and the very same is true for those fruit juices you might use to cut your vodka or gin with.

You’ll experience a sugar high and energy increase, followed by a sugar crash that can leave you feeling irritable, worn out or grouchy. The added threat is that because you’re consuming alcohol at the exact same time, you might be lured to keep consuming more drinks in order to feel better.

Alternative solution – If you’re in a scenario where you’ll definitely be drinking, skip these mixers and go with much healthier alcohol options, like red wine or champagne, dark beer or vodka with soda water and fresh lime juice.

5. Salted nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are a very convenient, veggie-friendly way to get in a host of nutrients and vitamins, particularly omega-3s, which can be an excellent method for those who do not consume fish to obtain their fill. However those salted, roasted varieties that you can buy at the store aren’t your best option.

These nuts are often pre-seasoned with vegetable and canola oils, which are made from unhealthy GMO active ingredients, and must be avoided. They likewise normally have unpronounceable additives that load on the sodium and can cause state of mind swings and headaches.

Alternative solution – Purchase nuts and seeds in their most natural form, like raw cashews. You can take them home and add on flavorings or roast them yourself to top your yogurt or other foods.

This isn’t a complete list by any means but hopefully it can help point some folks in the right direction.  Mood is affected heavily by what we eat, and you may find that making simple changes in this regard can help as part of the processes of breaking free from depression.