3 Ways to Increase Food Digestion to Maximize Productivity

Digestion and nutrition are crucial for cognitive function, and cognitive function is important for productivity.

The body has a gut-brain axis, and when something goes wrong in one, something will likewise fail in the other. Signs of bloating, poor concentration, lethargy and slow-thinking after consuming is a clear indication that your digestion and nutrition requires some tweaking.

Try these three things to enhance your nutrition and digestion. (Your success just might depend on it!).

1. Consume in an unwinded state.

When you consume in a stressed-out state, your body is not appropriately gotten ready for food digestion. Blood and oxygen circulation are far from the gut, decreasing your digestive power and leaving you puffed up, feeling slow and with poor nutrient absorption from your meal.

To get ready for food digestion, ensure you get into the “rest and absorb” state. To do this, eat without any distractions and do some deep nasal breathing to calm your nervous system.

Take time and eat gradually (a minimum of 20 minutes). This alone will decrease your chances of an afternoon crash.

2. Get your micronutrients.

A large portion of the population is not fulfilling a minimum of one of their important micronutrient requirements. Micronutrients are required for an appropriately operating body.

If you’re missing them, you can experience unneeded irritability, tiredness, sleepiness or brain fog. More extreme issues can develop from micronutrient shortage, but those signs in specific can really hinder your productivity.

To start working toward fulfilling your micronutrient requirements, go for 10 or more servings of veggies a day, or make half of every meal veggies.

A big salad with a great deal of greens and different vegetables, consumed in an unwinded state, is a great way to have consistent energy throughout the day, and not experience the normal mid-afternoon crash.

3. Address underlying digestive problems.

In this day and age, I do not know anybody who doesn’t struggle with some type of digestive problem, unless they have actually currently particularly resolved their gut health.

If you have experienced a lot of tension at work, consume a great deal of alcohol, consume on the run, eat processed foods, have taken a lot of prescription antibiotics or prescription medication, then you have actually unknowingly created a set of circumstances for poor gut health.

Years of that kind of way of life can leave you with bacterial overgrowth in the gut, parasites or low stomach acid.

If you do have digestion concerns, make sure you are getting the right nutrients which help over time to aid with digestion.

Follow the above concepts and begin consuming fermented foods or take a probiotic.

Check out speaking with a nutritionist who can help reverse these problems for you so you can have more consistent energy and much better cognitive performance throughout the day.

As soon as you have actually changed your nutrition and digestion, you’ll be astonished by how easily you end up being the efficient, clear-minded, energetic individual who is bound to prosper.